About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2010, New England United 4 Justice (NEU4J) is an organization committed to promoting social, economic, and racial justice in the Greater Boston Region. We move a strong grassroots organizing approach, that centers leadership development and the voice of low-income residents in our neighborhoods. We provide an avenue that engages and empowers families to speak up and improve the City of Boston around worker rights, childcare organizing, housing justice and voter empowerment issues.

We believe in a strong bottom-up approach to our work that meets residents where they are at and works to develop their leadership, creating a long-term foundation for community building. Our members work as a union of community residents who vote on the issues we take on as an organization and are a part of building the overall strategy of NEU4J. NEU4J Leaders represent a Black, Caribbean voice and majority of our leaders are residents of color, low income, working class families who care about the direction and future of our community.

As a membership-based organization, we know we cannot do this work along. We build coalitions and are a part of alliances that share our values and move an agenda that centers families and impacted residents. Much of our work is in partnership with other grassroots partners, labor allies, faith leaders and civil rights organizations.

NEU4J Board Leadership

Maude Hurd, Chair

Alan Booth, Co-Chair

Carla Stovell, Treasurer

Antoinette Skeens, Board Member

Lenore Pereira, Board Member

Reggie Stovell, Board Member

Betty McGuire, Board Member

NEU4J Staff Team

Angel Howell, Lead Coordinator

Sandra Teixeira, Childcare Organizer

Mary Garcia, Worker Center Organizer

Ana Mendes, Benefits Coordinator

Marta Coriano, Benefits Coordinator

Sineca and Tatiana, Digital/Data Team

Troy Meade, Civic Team Organizer

Tamara Herd, Civic Team Organizer

Eric Fisher, Civic Team Organizer

Jose Ramos, Civic Team Organizer

Carmen Feliciano, Civic Team Organizer

Noemi Ramos, Executive Director