Our Campaigns

Together we can make a difference on important issues such as Worker Rights, Voter Protections, Land Use, Housing, Environmental Justice and Neighborhood Development.

You can also make a one-time contribution and become a sustainer of NEU4J. Sustainers give anywhere from $50 - $150 and we welcome your support.

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1. The Neighborhoods

Using our door-to-door approach, we are able to talk with residents one-on-one to learn about their experiences and to hear their vision for change in Boston.

Our core organizing work takes place in Dorchester, Mattapan, and Roxbury. We organize using a ward and precinct system, which helps us identify residents in different areas who want to work on specific neighborhood issues while representing Boston's voice in larger policies that impact the City and the Commonwealth.

Residents have identified issues like traffic development, land maintenance and land use, housing, access to jobs, youth needs and more. Through a variety of organizing strategies such as community meetings, training, coalition building and one-on-one development, local groups are able to collectively address these issues.

2. Good Jobs

NEU4J's work centers around worker justice issues that impact low-income neighborhoods and communities of color within our City. Our worker rights efforts have included everything from access to jobs to fighting to ensure new development includes good job standards as a part of community benefits agreements.

In 2014, we won changes to the State Minimum Wage and we won efforts to pass a new labor standard offering workers an opportunity to earn sick time. We are proud of our success having worked on sick time since 2010.

- Minimum Wage had not seen an increase for several years. Through legislative action, our coalition was able to fight for an increase from $8 an hour to $9 an hour and then, to Massachusetts' current minimum wage, $11 an hour.

- Sick Time is a new labor standard that protects workers if they need to take a day off from work if they are sick or have a sick family member, a medical emergency, routine doctor's visit or they are facing issues of domestic violence. A worker cannot be fired from their job due to their health. Through voter empowerment and education, voters passed this issue into law in 2014!

We're excited that our victories have paid off! In June 2018, Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill that brings $15 minimum wage by 2022 and institutes a paid and family sick leave program through Raise Up Massachusetts.

NEU4J is currently working with labor allies on supporting training opportunities for neighborhood job placement. We are also continuing to support groups focusing on access and improvements to core friendly jobs in Boston.

The Right to Economic Justice and Good Jobs is also a part of the Right to the City Platform and connects our work to the alliance.

3. Right to Remain Campaign - Housing and Land

NEU4J is one of the member organizations working under the alliance of Right to the City of Boston (RTCB), a collective made up of grassroots membership-based organizations that represent low income neighborhoods and communities of color in Boston. RTCB includes organizations such as Neighbors United for a Better East Boston, Alternatives for Community and Environment, City Life Vida Urbana, Chinese Progressive Association, Boston Workers Alliance and Project Hip Hop.

The RTCB Platform was created based on our values and transformational vision for change in Boston. Group leaders and organizations created the platform to help guide our work and agenda in the City and are based on broad issues that we care about and that impact our neighborhoods.

The Platform Includes:

• The Right to Remain in a Stable Community

• The Right to Economic Justice and Good Jobs

• The Right to a Healthy Environrment

• The Right to Public Land for the Public Good

• The Right to Democratic Participation