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When we organize,

we affect change.

Through organizing we can collectively challenge social, economic, and racial systems to create the community we want to live in. We want our community to know how to respond, be prepared, and really challenge their rights. We believe that our liberation will require the use of multiple strategies that include empowering our communities with the education and resources needed to exercise their rights..

We believe in good jobs that uplift the voice of workers.

workers protesting

Join the NEU4J's Worker Center and gain access to a variety of worker programs and the fight for good jobs in our neighborhoods! Learn more about the core allies we work with under Community Labor United as we fight campaigns that unite the community and labor. For more information, email

We believe that Housing is a Human Right.

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We are a member of Right to the City Boston and Homes For All  Massachusetts who stand together and fight for Our Right to Remain!  Our work consists of core strategies to help low-income, and working-class communities across Massachusetts with Know Your Rights Training, services so families have the resources they need and are not displaced, and Housing Policy efforts that uplift protections for renters, small landlords, and homeowners need! For more information email or join the Housing Justice Committee.

We see friends and neighbor care as one of many childcare solutions.

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Family, Friends, and Neighbor Care (FFN) givers are family members and friends who step in to provide care for our children when there are gaps in-between other forms of childcare, childcare is not affordable, and when parents need to work 2-3 jobs to make it. We are members of the Care That Works Coalition that organizes working parents and grandparents, nannies and au pairs, family childcare providers, and center-based childcare workers in Greater Boston and across Massachusetts. To learn more email

We know our communities are still affected by the health and financial crisis.

The recent pandemic exposed many gaps in the world’s infrastructure. NEU4J's Wellness Program was established to address the unseen struggles in our communities ranging from food security to housing instability. It is important to note we are not a service-based organization, but we will work with you to apply for services, and show you how to get involved in long-term solutions in your community.  Email us at or sign-up for Utility Support and Food Support here.

We believe in using our power at the Polls as one WIN to build our voice as a community.

we say yes to vote

We are a Non-Partisan community organization, a member of the Mass Voter Table, MassVOTE, and a member of the Democracy Hubs. We’re grounded in moving year around civic engagement through our community efforts. We never tell the community who to vote for. Our role is Voter registration, Voter engagement, and Voter Education. When we VOTE, We WIN! Email to learn more about our civic campaigns.

We believe Transportation is at the heart of what communities need to access their workplace, schools, medical appointments and more.

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Riders deserve safe, affordable, healthy and accessible transit options in our neighborhoods. There is not a one size fits all model to transit because each neighborhood, city and tow’s needs are different. We are standing with community on issues such as expanding the free fares program for busses, improving the bus routes, upgrades and efficient schedules for our trains and developing schedules that community can count on. We also see transit connected to neighborhood upgrades such as repairing our roads, improving sidewalks, upgrading crosswalks. We are excited to be a member of T4Mass  to explore the policy vision of low income, black and brown communities around transit justice.

We organize at the block level to address issues within our neighborhoods.