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Fight for justice one door,
one issue at a time.


Fight for justice one door,
one issue at a time.

We engage and empower families to speak up, and become a part of the solution to improve their city’s focus on worker rights, childcare, housing, and voter protection.

Resources to Help You Fight Against Displacement and Strengthen your Future.


Do you want to share your thoughts and ideas on Rent Control? What do you feel is important to homeowners in our neighborhoods?

Learn more about housing.


Are you looking for a good job or a career change? Do you want to sharpen your skills through a workshop?

Learn more about jobs.


Facing eviction or foreclosure? Are you facing a utility shut-off? Do you need SNAP or info on where you apply for food services?

Learn more about wellness.


Have you been looking for a job and childcare has been a concern?  Are you a family member providing care to a child?

Learn more about childcare.
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Let's Make It Make Sense!

Why Organize?

Low-income, working-class families have a voice and want to be heard. Residents want to be involved in decisions that impact their communities and their lives. Solutions should be grounded in residents’ experience and vision for change. We are building our own table that allows residents to have a path in their own leadership journey.


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When we vote,
we win.

As a Non-Partisan community organization, we never tell the community who to vote for. Our role is Voter registration, Voter engagement, and Voter Education. We believe in using our Power at the Polls as one WIN and victory in how we build our voice and power as a community. Learn more about our democracy campaigns.

We organize at the block level to address issues within our neighborhoods. Support our campaigns for justice.